Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Virtual Coffee: Seven

It's late afternoon, and the sun is still peaking in the windows, streaming around houses and tress, casting warm shadows across the floors, the streets.

Sun soaked

I'm so grateful.

Grateful for the lengthening days.

And for coffee and tea, right here, with you today.

Because I don't take it for granted, you know, that you choose to come here, spend a few minutes of your precious time with me.

Not one bit.

I'm on my seventh mug or so of tea this afternoon.

Sorta because it's been a tea-sipping kind of day.

And sorta because I've developed an intense love affair that just.will.not.quit with this almond oolong, despite the fact that there are at least a dozen or so other tea choices lining my cupboard.

If we were together, hot water would be boiling atop the stove, and I'd encourage you to take your pick.

I'd probably also have to squeel with excitement before too much time passed about going to Releveant 11 in Harrisburg this October.

Despite mising the early-bird ticket sales last night, which were about $40 less expensive, and divulging such info to John, I'm heading east anyway.

After expressing my dissappointment about the early bird tickets, and John gasping at the price difference because, honestly, conferences are expensive, I thought I'd be missing it again this year.

Just as I gave it to God, made peace in my mind about not going ... just as I told Stacy I had given it to God ... just as she said she would pray for a way to go ... and just as I had given up in my heart going ...

a registration email appeared in my inbox with a note from my husband saying that he knew I'd really wanted to go, so he made a way.

And He made a way. Had getting the ticket happened any other way, I probably would have questioned if I should really go during the next several months.

But because it happened in this way -- the letting go of clinging to it in my heart and letting God change hearts, I feel good about it.

A peace, if you will.

While the Relevant list does boast my name this year, the casting call for Listen to Your Mother Valpo doesn't.

Really, though, truly {and I feel like this is a confession of sorts, but I don't know why}, I feel like just by auditioning for it, by doing something so out of my comfort zone and by taking an off-the-beaten path chance, that I accomplished ... good.

I don't know what good that is.

I just feel good about having listened to that creative stirring in my soul regarding reading outloud a work of my heart, even if it was solely to one person {well, one person who isn't married to me, that is}.

I feel a peace, if you will.

So what about you? How's your week? Feeling any anxiety or are you sitting in peace? And, fellow blogging friends, will I get the chance to see you, hug you in person at Relevant?

A big thanks to Amy for being the mastermind behind Tuesday's Virtual Coffee dates. Pay her a visit to link your own or read others.