Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Virtual Coffee: Ten

Try not to do too much of a double take as you walk in the door for coffee today.


I promise, you are in the right place. It's not often that our guests {or simply our own feet} can actually walk through the front entry way without tripping over toys, coats and shoes, but for an ENTIRE WEEK it's been like this around here -- totally passable hallways, dirty dishes loaded in the dishwasher instead of sprawled over the counters, dining room table cleared off paper piles and toys and glasses.

You'd likely walk into the kitchen quiet and maybe a little shell shocked at the huge difference. I know, I'd whisper as we were standing in my tidied kitched waiting for the water to finish boiling for tea as the kiddos played in the {most-likely toy-infested} living room, it's insane, isn't it?

And, probably, because we're pretty good friends by now, you'd ask me if we hired a housekeeper or if I'd perhaps sold the kids to the circus or something. I'd shake my head no, smiling, and I'd tell you that it's all because I've begun pretending like Sunday, as a day, doesn't actually exist on the calendar.

Pick your brew, I'd welcome, and we'd then head over to the dining room table to chat while sipping our teas.

day 202

Likely, you'd want some sort of explanation about me ditching Sundays as a day, and I'd tell you about how as a family we've decided to observe an official day of rest every week, which has directly and indirectly resulted in our clean{ish} house.

We've chosen to consistently rest each Sunday, and this past week, our
first planned week, we observed this day in a decided way; and it has helped our lives fall into this very beautiful rhythm. And, ironically, our living space has benefitted from it, too. {I promise to write in detail about our newly established Sabbath practice sometime this week.}

While sipping tea, I'd ask how you've been this past week. And I'd probably share with you some of the thoughts that have been weighing on my mind -- mostly that of community.

I've been participating in Megan's 40 Days of Community over at her blog, Sorta Crunchy, and yesterday I shared a common struggle with being engaged in deeper relationships within the context of community.

What about you? Have you found yourself wading in the shallow end of relationships instead of venturing out into the depths? If you have, gosh, I feel you. Also, we're not alone.

On a lighter note {ha!}, you might ask about how the house updating is coming. And I'd excitedly tell you that we've decided on a beautiful espresso color to cover the horrible salmon-mauve that's currently chipping and peeling from our trim.

ugly door

Though the painting won't begin for another few weekends, when it's hopefully warmer and dry, we did actually put new lights up, and that's kinda helped move our poor Charlie-Brown-Christmas-tree house on the block up a notch or two.

light fixtures

Kinda being the operative word.

So what's on your list to do once the weather officially turns to spring? Anything fun coming up now that it's almost April{!!!}? <Photobucket