Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bigger Picture Moment: When people ask about when we'll stop nursing ..

{I don't have many words to explain other than ...}

Sometimes, you strip down to your birthday suit, characteristic of your freedom-loving self, and


right over to me and fall trustingly into my arms.

I scoop you up, feet still dancing, and kiss soft patches of chubby belly while you giggle and giggle and giggle some more.

You're happy enough to laugh and play for a few minutes, but shortly after the novelty of raspberries against bare skin fades, you snuggle your head into the crook of my arm and stretch your legs across the width of my hips intent on completeing your orginal mission.

As you settle in to drink your fill, nostalgia sweeps over me and for a moment, I'm nursing a fresh-born baby, soft warm skin against soft warm skin, on his birth day, mesmerized by your cornflower blue eyes for the first time.

day 217

Nineteen months later, my heart still swells every time I have the chance to snuggle your body against my own.

And each time, I marvel at the view from here.

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