Friday, April 8, 2011

Everyday Life: A Heartfelt Conversation

So I was cleaning out all the drafts in my posts section when I came across this gem from November 5, 2011, one day after John's birthday. And I couldn't NOT share it. We needed documentation of such a conversation for the dinner conversation we'll likely have with G. 25 years from now as his own kids are driving him bananas.

The boys and I worked hard this week to put together a really lovely albeit small celebration for John's 28th birthday Thursday.

We made cards with rocket ships and planets {though G. insists they are lemons}.

We found the perfect presents:

Tickets to a theater production {from me}.

A picture of G. and John from daddy night at preschool in a manly frame {from G.}

And you don't want to know what E. gave John for his birthday this morning when he woke up {gag}; I'm sure you can figure it out on your own.

But I'm pretty sure John's favorite present wasn't anything we made or bought him. I'm almost positive his favorite present was a conversation with G.

"Daddy, why do you have hair on your arms?" he asked.

"Because sometimes when boys get older they grow hair on their arms," John replied.

"Oh, well, hair is not supposed to be on your arms," G. said. "It's supposed to be on your head. You don't have a whole lot of hair on your head over here."

G. pointed to John's thinned hairline, and further explained, "but you do have a lot of hair in the back. I think you need to grow some over here."

Nothing like a fabulous birthday conversation with your 3 year old to remind you that not only are you one year closer to 30, but the front part of you hair is already well beyond your years.