Friday, April 1, 2011

Five-Minute Friday: Favorite

Early morning sun, it peaks in through the blinds of our bedroom window, and I can't help but open my eyes fully, stretch my arms, my mind high into the day and bask in the prospect of a spring day.

Bright green stems emerge from wet soil, thick with the promise of deep violet and lemony yellow petals, reminding me that warmth is riding in on the nearby horizon.

A friend's expanding abdomen, full, heavy with child and the promise of a new soul filling the vast depths of a mother's heart, a world that craves newness.

Late Friday afternoon, small boys playing together in spotty early-spring sunsplashes waiting for daddy to get home from work, pregnant with the expectations of all things weekend.

April first, fertile with the hope of winter's end.

The lenton season, drenched with pending joy of resurrection and a way for new life.

A few of my favorite things, bundled together in today, this day. And I will rejoice and be glad in it.


Stop! I was interrupted several times while writing this, so I doubt I wrote for only five minutes, but I wrote from my heart, which is pretty much the point of Five-Minute Friday over at The Gypsy Mama. Every Friday, Lisa Jo encourages to write for five minutes without worrying about our words being just right. This week's prompt was My Favorite Things.