Friday, April 22, 2011

Five-Minute Friday: A Hard Love

I've so often prayed
"Father, your will not mine."
only to find myself
in the thick of His
and wanting to dance
right back over into mine,
settle in its alluring safety
and seemingly solid soil.

And my prayer changes
to "Father, let this cup
pass from my hands"
with no regard
to the bigger picture.

In those moments
of being asked
to go
where I dread
and do
what I cannot fathom
and be
who I don't want to be
but was created to be

I cling to the One
who went
and did
and was
and is
and is to come.

A hard love, lived out loud,
and still echoing
grace and redemption and promises
of life beyond the now.

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Happy Good Friday, friends.