Saturday, April 2, 2011

Like a Hand-Written Letter: Week Two

Some posts feel like they were hand-written on beautiful paper, folded, slipped into an envelope, sealed, stamped and sent in the mail, landing in my hands at just the right moment.

Here are some quite simple and extremely complex posts that spoke right to my heart this week. {Through out the week, posts continually show up in the right-hand sidebar, but I really wanted to give these awesome ones a place of semi-permanence.}

Alita Jewel Treasures: Have a Happy Weekend

Sorta Crunchy: Senator Coburn, I know it was you, and you broke my heart {on Christians in Government and Kingdom purposes vs. the empire}

So Much Shouting, So Much Laughter: A Woman's Place
This Heavenly Life: The Garden

Just Lenae: Anchors

Diet Coke on the Rawks: Filling My Heart With Love

The Gypsy Mama: It's True what they Say About Childbirth