Sunday, May 22, 2011

365 Photo Project: Weeks 33 and 34 {and a big request}

I'd diligently been working on the edits of my very neglected 365 Photo Project Captures when John hollered through the screen door about the skies rapidly morphing from blue to black, a bruise painted against our midwestern horizon.

day 220

As lightening began streaking across the sky, lighting up the horizon brighter than a grand finale of fireworks on the fourth of July, I abandoned my edits yet again and prepared our family for a little rendevous in the basement.

day 221

G., with his classic first-born characteristics of worry and responsiblity flaring, ushered himself and his brother down the uncarpeted steps and began to panic about the impending storms.


day 223

At one point, I had to get down to his eye level, look him straight in the eye and ask him to simmer, reminding him that mommy and daddy were taking care of the situation and that God was watching over us.

day 224

Hours later, we've been rained on and been privvy to an incredible outdoor rock and roll show complete with acoustics and strobe lights, but we're no worse for the wear. {Other than still being behind on my edits.}

day 225

But that's so very minor. Some families in Joplin, MO cannot say the same. Many of you who know and love Sarah from This Heavenly Life also know she lives in Joplin; her town suffered some tremendous damage from one huge tornado this afternoon.

day 226

While Sarah and her immediate family are OK, some family members lost their homes.

day 227

Would you pray for Justin and Sarah, their family members and the entire Joplin community?

day 228

Would you ask God give them a strong sense of peace as well as for provide for their needs?

day 229

And not just tonight but in the coming weeks, too?

day 230

We all know that once the media spotlight fades in a few days, the people in the Joplin community will likely need many, many prayers and a great deal of relief assistance.

day 231

I know they will appreciate it.

day 232

And we know that when two or more come together in His name, our prayers become very powerful {Matthew 18:19}.

day 233

It's the least we can do.

day 234

And it's also the most we can do, too.

day 235

In more ways than one.

{Weeks 35, 36 and 37 are on deck. Stay tuned. Also, in keeping with full disclosure, days 228 and 229 were taken on the same day, as were days 231 and 232 and days 234 and 235.}