Monday, May 23, 2011

A Call: Being the Mouth that Helps Mobilize the Hands and Feet

This spring has been one of devastating storms and destruction.

The most recent tornado stuck very close to our Bigger Picture Blogs Family.

Last night, Joplin, MO was hit with a massive tornado that has destroyed more than a quarter of the city and left many families without homes.

One of our writers, Sarah, lives in the town of Joplin.

While her family didn't not lose their home, close family members, friends and others have.

The town has been completely split into two by the vast path of the tornado.

Yesterday, after our family, both mine and the Bigger Picture Blogs family, heard the news, we prayed.

We prayed for help for the people of Joplin, MO.

For our friends Sarah and Justin and their family members -- prayers of thanksgiving for their safety, and also prayers of peace and provision in the aftermath of a deadly, destructive tornado that ripped a path through the middle of their city.

Today, as the images flash across screens, showcasing the devastation, giving faces to the hurting, the need for relief and rescue has become clearer.

So we continue to pray.

But, today?

Today we also respond.

As rescuers and organizations rush to the aid of families in Joplin, we have the opportunity to make a difference.

Some of the original founders and writers of Bigger Picture Blogs and our awesome community members came together this morning through myriad e-mails to help organize a large-scale relief effort in order to best help mobilize these hands and these feet by providing funds.

Thus, Help 4 Joplin was born.

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This Wednesday through Friday, we'll be hosting an online auction to raise money for The Salvation Army in Joplin.

Items for the auction have been lovingly and generously donated from many, many businesses {like A Soft Landing, Hotter Comfort Concept Shoes, Shining Stones and Stoneyfield Farms, just to name a few}.

All proceeds from the auction will directly benefit relief efforts in Joplin.

So do you want a tangible way you can help families who've lost everything, families who have suffered huge devastation and families who have lost more than a quarter of their city?

Be the mouth.

Use your blog or your Facebook page to post about the Help 4 Joplin auction.
In your post, be sure to state:
1. The site and dates of the auction -- Wed., May 25 through Fri., May 27.
2. A few of the businesses who have donated auction items with links {list posted here}
3. The Help 4 Joplin button
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Let's spread the word about the auction so together we can raise substantial funds to help moblize responders and quickly deliver relief efforts.

Afterall, when tragedy strikes, this is what community does -- we come together.

Please, since we can't all be hands and feet in this response, let's be a different yet equally important part of the body.

Be the lips, friends -- be the voice.

IMPORTANT: Once you write your post, please come back and link your post through Friday. {And please note -- part of the point of this link is to show a VISIBLE united support front from our community for Sarah and the Joplin community.}

Each link gets an entry for a chance to win a $25 Starbucks gift card and a beautiful hand-knit coffee cozy from A Soft Landing.