Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Call: Light in the Darkness

Sometimes, as darkness spreads out across the horizon and threatens to encompass my entire sky, I stand beneath it, fearful, feeling almost helpless.

I wonder where, when the light will break through, streak the landscape with its brilliance and hope.

And then I feel Light stirring in my soul:

I believe in Light in the darkness.

I believe in a Light that shines in the darkness, and that the darkness can never extinguish it*.

And I believe in clinging to a Flashlight, being a conduit for its light and stepping out into the darkness, letting Light shine brightly.

I know there are people in Joplin today who are standing beneath a stretch dark sky, praying, hoping, wondering when the light will begin to stream in through the darkened clouds.

Friends, today we clutch the Flashlight, hold it against the darkness and let it shine.

Today is the day that we stand together as a community and wrap our arms and hearts around Joplin.

When we show Sarah and her town that they are cared for and loved, and that we take seriously the words Light -- to love the Light and love our neighbors as ourselves.


Charity Auction for Joplin

Please head over to Bigger Picture Blogs where the auction is being held. Every hour 8am-6pm today and tomorrow a new item will go up for auction. The bidding on all items starts at $10 {or more, if you choose}.

We have 26 items {list updated below!} that have been generously donated from business big and small, companies and Etsy owners we have worked with, friends of ours and Sarah’s. All these companies came together at a moments notice and offered to help. If you don’t have the ability to help now, please keep these companies in mind when you make purchases in the future!

Bidding will remain open on all posts until 7:00pm on May 27.

Here is the schedule for the auction, we will be updating throughout the day as best as we can with the links to the posts.

Wednesday May 25
8am Assorted Watercolor Note Cards from Cards Direct ($40 value)
9am Art of Doing Nothing Poster from Tammy Lee Bradley ($28)
10am Gussy Sews Shop Credit ($25)
11am Thai Silk Pillow Covers from Jaime Shaw ($40)
12noon Hand Knit Market Tote from A Soft Landing ($35)
1pm Secret Hope Necklace from Create Beauty Daily ($38)
2pm Busy Body Book Bundle from Busy Body Books ($40)
3pm Handmade Ring Sling from Prairie Mama ($75)
3pm Flutter Sleeve Ruffle Peasant Dress from Smashed Peas and Carrots ($36)
4pm {So} Sack from {So} Sartina ($29)
5pm $100 Sweet Deal Credit from Mamapedia ($100)
6pm Pair of Spring/Summer Shoes from Hotter Comfort Concept Shoes ($100-140)

Thursday May 26
7 am Dragonfly Pendant from Sandi Ratch ($35)
8am Strength and Hope Necklace from Shinning Stones ($20)
9am $25 Stonyfield Organic Product & Cookbook ($43)
10am Fractured Glass Print from Tammy Lee Bradley ($25)
11am DaySpring Collection ($40)
12noon Monster Softie from Samster Mommy ($35)
1pm Vintage Fabric Fat Quarters from Sew Lovely Designs ($20)
2pm Love Print from Beth Fletcher Photography and June Afternoons ($25)
3pm Headband and Skirt from Rosemary's Cuppa
4pm Camera Strap Cover from Eclectic Whatnot ($38.50)
5pm $50 Gift Certificate from The Vintage Pearl ($50)
6pm Logo Design from NW Designs ($100)
7pm Ultimate Fan Pack from Discovery Channel ($200)
8pm {One of two} Stainless Steel with Silver Accents and Embedded Diamond Bracelet from Ayala($120)
8:30pm {Two of Two} Stainless Steel with Silver Accents and Embedded Diamond Bracelet from Ayala($120)

Friday, May 27
8 a.m. $300 Gift Certificate to Maine Arts Camp

Don't see anything you want to bid on? There are other ways to help:

  • Donate directly to the Salvation Army

  • Spread the word about the auction

  • Post our button on your blog, Facebook or Twitter

  • Tweet using the hashtag #Help4Joplin

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Please be as generous as you can and keep Sarah, her family and Joplin in your hearts and prayers.

Please head over to Bigger Picture Blogs

*John 1:5, NIV