Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Everyday Life: Affirmations

Like a college kid on graduation day, I feel like I'm standing atop of the diploma mountain, thinking back on the winding, beautiful, sometimes steep road I've tread daily for nine straight months.

Tonight is the last night of our nine-month long Vantage Point3 journey.

It's truly been a hike in every sense of the word.

Sometimes I've found myself winded and breathless, chest tight, heart pumping, swallowing the sting of tears while trying to navigate up the side of some rocky terrain.

And often I found myself standing under warm sun, basking its glow while soaking in a new view after painstakingly making my way through such a stretch.

I've heard that with climbing mountains you've gotta have good tools, a good guide and an amazing team.

We've had that and more.

The people who I ventured out with have spoken truth into my life and spoken grace.

They've carried my burdens and shouldered the wind while standing next to me.

They've given me new glimpses of my Savior's face and shown me other chapters in God's epic tale.

I'm so grateful.

Our last task as a part of the group was to write affirmations for each other ... and I'll admit, I didn't know quite what that should look like.

I mean, we've learned so much about God and about ourselves -- we've written our entire life stories and shared, we've divulged our values and our ideals, our callings and our priorities, our strengths, our seasons in life.

We've walked so many miles together, I didn't know what to highlight.

So I did the only thing I knew how to do {other than writing each person a blog post ha!}: I prayed for the right verses to come to my mind and I laid it all out on paper.

But, this time, instead of relying only on black and white to bring life to something, I added color.

day 252

Because sometimes, I feel like after we've just totally and completely emptied ourselves, poured ourselves into a journey, we need a piece of paper, a picture to hang onto to remind us where we've been.

{Instead of leaving me some love via comments, tonight will you just stand here with me as I revel in this mountain-top view? I cannot for the life of me figure out how to disable Disqus comments!}