Monday, May 30, 2011

Everyday Life: A Day Like Many Others

We didn't do anything special, anything different, today, Memorial Day, than what we normally do when we're all home together on the weekend {ahh blessed weekends!}.

We woke up, ate breakfast and showered.

We watched some George {of the monkey variety}, watered the garden and cut the grass.

G. had a meltdown when he couldn't find his special gardening hat, Baby E. refused to nap without being attached to the breast because his gums hurt and hubby and I vetoed plans to go to the parade.

Everyone adequately recovered from the meltdowns, smiled again and dumped toys all over the living floor shortly after I had rehomed said toys in their boxes.

We had dinner with Grandma and Buba, shared good conversation and cried when they left {well, G. and Baby E. did, at least}.

We laughed and giggled instead of sleeping, I talked to some good girlfriends via Skype and drank some fresh-squeezed lemonade.

Before the kids went to sleep, we prayed for healing, comfort and peace for various life issues our family and friends are facing, praised God for our family and friends and asked that He care for them and we thanked God for all the blessings He's given us and the free land in which live.

And we remembered and were thankful and were humbled by the service and perseverance and sacrifice of all the men and women who have died fighting for and protecting our freedom so that we could wake up today, Memorial Day, and do what we normally do when we're all home together.

G., 21 months, Memorial Day Parade, 2009

**This post is a most fitting repost from last Memorial Day. Because although our activities are different this year, we're still engaging in our activities amid the freedom that's come at a cost.**