Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Everyday Life: Like Lightening

Once in a blue moon, something really worth celebrating happens.

And now that the families have been notified, I get to celebrate here in this space, too.

We're gaining a new family member come September {and, no, I'm not birthing this one!}

My baby sister is getting married!

John and I will be gaining a brother-in-law and the boys an uncle, whom we all like very much!

Especially G, despite some initial misunderstanding about the engagement:

"How exciting! Mike asked Aunt Jill to marry him!"
"And what did she say?" G asked.
"What do you think she said?"
"She probably said no," he bluntly replied
"Well, actually, she said yes."
"Heeeeeyy!!!" he squealed! "He took the girl I was going to marry when I grow up!"

But all is good as G has decided he might like to marry someone closer to his age when he grows up.

Like, perhaps, Melissa's daughter, M.

"I'll probably just marry M instead, mommy," G shared just a few moments later. "You know, she'll be my young wife."
"Honey, you're too young to get married."
"I'm not! I'm big!" he exclaimed.
"The law says yoy really have to be 18 to get married without your parent's permission," I said.
"Probably I'll talk to Miss Melissa when we go to the bug museum Tuesday. She'll probably say yes," he replied, nonchalantly.

Errrm. Well, OK, then. :)

After we convinced G that he should wait about 18 years or so before asking for M's hand in marriage {kid's got PLANS!} G moved onto more pressing, more timely matters during his post-engagement chat with Mike

"You should pray to God and ask him for kids," G said. "I think God will give you some."

One step at a time, kid. One step at a time.

Is he always going to be this far ahead of me, barreling through life like slivers of lightening streaking from sky to ground?

I blink, and he's already gone.