Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Virtual Coffee: Twelve

If we were having coffee today, this cloudly, overcast third of May, I'd be sipping my almond oolong from a steaming mug because it's still chilly enough to need the warmth of tea.

I'd ask what you'd like for your afternoon caffeine fix, and we'd likely let the conversation naturally drift from complaining about the bleak midwestern weather.

Because my irritation with the weather is getting old. :)

So I'd share with you something else that I am SO done with -- G's whole sassy almost-four attitude that's creeped into his normally sunny {albeit strong-willed} personality.

And I'd ask for prayers and any guidance you might have with helping to curb the sass.

Because the kid is driving me bananas. Ba-na-nas, I tell you! I just don't do sass well.

But, in positive news, I am doing well at something with which I normally struggle. Yesterday my Curves coaches and I began the Curves 90-Day Challenge, one issued to us by the head honchos of Curves at our spring training regionals event last month.

We're using the Curves Weight Management Program for the nutrition aspect and getting our exercise from working out the Curves circuit, which we all usually do anyway.

And it's going swimmingly! Curves has come out with some new awesome interactive tools to help guide us through the Weight Management program, and the coaches and I are test piloting it.

When it's all said and done, I'm hoping to have shed this last 15-20 pounds so hopefully I'll be meeelllllting. And maybe eight weeks from now you won't recognize me?

Maybe, also, eight weeks from now when I take another body shot I'll have cleaned the bathroom mirror, too, before inviting guests over for coffee?

Probably, also, we'd talk about how I broke my own heart yesterday: without fact checking, I posted a non-quote on my Facebook wall. Turns out, the first part of the quote was from someone else who wasn't nearly as famous as the person to whom I attributed it.

Don't you hate it when that happens? Or is that just me because of my inner journalist? I just hate printing anything that isn't totally accurate, even if it is just to Facebook or Twitter.

And I could probably drone on and on about the myriad reasons why I simultaneously love and don't love those social mediums. But I'll spare you my Neil Postman-esque monologue.

At any rate, it was a good reminder for me to always double check my sources.

And, yes, in that moment of truth when I realized my error, my mind went flashing back to the time in college when Dr. Murphy marked a big fat D on one of my papers for her senior-level journalism class after I'd misspelled someone's last name.

And that her heaping out a mega-dose mercy on my perfectionist soul; she normally assigned an F for that type of mistake.

Well, enough about me -- how are YOU! What's new? Have I missed a post close to your heart? Will you link it with your comment? Or just tell me what you're thinking about today? Or how about curbing the sass?