Saturday, June 25, 2011

365 Photo Project: Week 38

The creative crisis has seemingly come to close. {Well, I think -- I'm an artist, and I might stumble unintentionally into another one tomorrow or the next day, if I'm being honest.}


But this latest one is stick-a-fork-in-it done.

During my much-needed break, I spent some time trying to reconnect with my passion for photography by journaling and doodling and casually snapping pictures and reflecting {thank you, Creativity Boot Camp!}.

day 257

I found that without the self-imposed pressure and rules, I really actually still do love gathering all of my captures every week.

I really enjoy the harvest reaped from the project.

day 258

And I really like learning more about my camera.

But I don't like feeling like I've failed when I miss a day -- and I seem to miss at least one day every week or two because of one thing or another.

day 259

So I've had to jump over some internal perfectionist obstacles in order to come to a place where I want to continue in this endeavor.

day 260

All in all, I've jumped and cleared the bar {just barely}, which means that I'm forging on until I capture all 365 days {even if it takes 400}.

However, if I miss a day, I'm just going to move on mentally and with the project.

day 261

That means that my captures might have a day or two in between them but still be numbered consecutively.

day 262

And that's just life right now with a husband, two small kids, a business, a side project and, well, a summer that really needs to be filled with enjoyment and activity and movement and, you know, living.

day 263