Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Bigger Picture: Clarity

Today has been one where I've had to step back from the microscope through which I usually view life and blink blinkblinkblink because I suddenly realized I've been way too zoomed into the littlenss of it all.

The sleep woes of our toddler. Some family strife. Lack of time. Grasping onto only grains of patience. Struggling with adapting my normal eating plan while on vacation.

All little things that have become way too big under this lens I've been using to filter and see.

Upon opening Facebook {Facebook, Facebook, how I love thee, let me count the ways}, I discovered that a fellow mom I know through church, also, the sister of a friend I absolutely adore, was admitted to the hospital and underwent emergency surgery to try and prevent a brain anuerism from rupturing.

The meatiness of the situation, the reality, the bigness, it all forces me to stand back and cry out to God as I move toward clarity and take in the bigger picture instead of just finely focusing my lens on the smallest of trials.

Could you wrap Gen in prayer tonight as she recovers from the emergency surgery? And her family, too?