Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dress Like a Girl: Get outta the jeans, woman!

So I SWORE that I'd nevereverever wear mom jeans.

And I've kept good on that promise.

But I do wear jeans. Almost every day.

It's admittedly really, really hard for me to break out of my jeans rotation and slip on a dress or a skirt.

Because about five minute into wearing a dress or skirt, I begin the self-talk process that ends with me wearing jeans out of the house again:

Why are you wearing a skirt? You're going to end up crawling through a tunnel tube at the park in a dress after two rowdy boys who've become shell-shocked. You'll feel so restricted in a dress.

But, honestly, I don't want to fall into the mom wardrobe cycle, so when Erin and Melissa issued the Dress Like a Girl challenge, I jumped on board.


And I wore a skirt

Unfortunately, this half-picture is all I have to show for that day.

day 254

But let me tell you -- it felt good to wear something pretty, something lovely for a day. John even complimented my efforts, which made it all the sweeter.

I have to admit John was one of my top motivating factors for this challenge; he never says anything negative about my jeans wardrobe, but he almost always notices and appreciates when I'm dressed up. And I fully believe in taking the time to make my outer appearance appealing to hubby because, you know, that's important for a marriage.

For the challenge, I was wearing a Indian-silk saris converted into a wrap dress/skirt from a little boutique I came across {like this one} while I was in Southern California a few years ago. I wrapped it into a long skirt for the day. The sandals are compliments of the Target collection, and my shirt was a pinkish-purple tank top edged with lace from Banana Republic -- all very feminine!

I promise better visual documentation for next month's challenge, which is donning cute beach wear like sunglasses, hats, sandals, swimsuit cover-ups; I hope to sport all of those accessories this weekend during our first visit to the cottage {!!}.

Want to dress like a girl, too? Visit visit Melissa or Erin for details.