Sunday, June 12, 2011

Everyday Life: Bribery is Golden

I resorted today to incentivising my big kid to smile for the camera by promising him cheddar popcorn and a movie before bed; I'm considering it one of the best things I've done all week!

Today was absolutely beautiful and mostly relaxing, so I went out on a limb this afternoon, hoping to capture a few of the moments.


E., per normal, went through a few rounds of ignoring me


to then being all "mommymommymommymommymommy, I must be within two centimeters of your face."


Typical toddlerness.

Latley, G hasn't wanted the camera to come within 15 feet of him. And when it does he becomes all Oscar the Grouch instead of his normal strike-a-pose Elizabeth Taylor.


He was a little reluctant at first, but, you know, cheddar popcorn and a movie isn't something to scoff at 'round these parts.


So he grinned and bore it.


Much to my excitment, by the end of our mini-photo session, we actually were playing and giggling while I snapped away.


Though, admittedly, his brow furrows and frowning faces are insanely hilarious and adorable, I'd like there to be some evidence of, um, happiness during the almost-fourth summer of his life, so I don't even feel guilty about the bribe.

It was totally worth every popcorn kernal.

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