Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Everyday Life: Equipped

Big breath in and big exhale.


John and I just finished an intense three-day training session intended on equipping us for leading a small group through Vantage Point3, the Emerging Journey.{You remember? The nine-month long journey we just completed where we really wrestledwith answering questions about God's character, how He's shaped us and what He wants us to do with ourselves.}

The VP3 experience is really hard to adequately explain because its very much like setting out a trek through the mountains with a group of friends -- there is a lot of beauty to be breathed in, a lot of stamina to be exerted and a lot of soul searching to do as you hike through some really steep valleys and up some intense terrain. And that mountain-top view? Well, you know that pictures can't even capture what you've really witnessed and embraced.

As we were talking today with Rob Loane of VP3 about how to best facillitate groups, he mentioned a video that really stirred my soul the first time I saw it. It does a really wonderful job of explaining the VP3 journey.

I wanted to share so you could catch a little glimpse of what we've done with the better part of our week out in beautiful Dyer, Indiana.

The Emerging Journey: An Invitation... from VANTAGEPOINT3 on Vimeo.

It leaves you a little breathless, no?

I guess that's what best sums up my feelings about the past few training days that have felt like hiking up another peak -- I'm a little breatheless.

Equipped, too.

And I'm thankful. And excited. And awestruck.

But mostly, I'm breathless.

Also, I'm not so sure I'm ready to come down from this second panoramic view; however, I've got to let the descent begin because that's the only way we'll get to start another expedition to a new lovely scene.

And if the last views were any indicator of the beauty that's to come, I certainly don't want to miss it.