Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Everyday Life: I'm so not sinking this Ship

When little things keeps breaking {entire mammoth, metal glute machines, stereo systems at my club, the best laid plans, my patience}, sometimes it's better to put on the brakes instead of barreling full steam ahead against the strongest of elements.

Sometimes those little breaks are a sign to slow down.

So I'm braking and taking a break with the intentions of not completely breaking in two the ship that's sailing the waters.

I call this lessons from the Titanic.

Which is why this afternoon, had you been looking for me, you would have discovered me chowing on a few Hearts and Os {Curves' 90-Day Challenge Approved, of course}, sipping a glass of chai and watching the littles splash in the pool while soaking up the sun instead of laboring like crazy to pour more coal into the fires.


We're not all built to withstand icebergs.

And simply knowing that probably is one of the best defenses against sinking.

Now, off to proceed with caution.