Friday, June 24, 2011

Five-Minute Friday: Wonder

I wonder how much longer he'll runtoddlerun rush into me, calling my name in the simple syllables of ma ma, eager to be scooped up into my arms.

When his hugs will morph from flinging his arms around me neck and squueeeezing so tight for soooo long to simply just pressing his body into mine for a quick lean in before he runs off to play.

I wonder how many more times he'll prefer snuggling against my chest while tucked in a sling to wildly running down the sidewalk after his brother during late-afternoon walks.

When he'll trade
nursing for cups
early-morning cuddles in my bed for cartoons on the couch
signs for sentences
toddleruns for swift forward motion
open-mouth kisses for barely pecks on the cheek

At nearly 22 months old, he's lingered in babyness longer than I ever expected, and I've increasingly soaked in the deliciousness of it every month, knowing that with each one, this season is likely drawing nearer and nearer to its end.

And so I wonder when it will draw to a close. But, also, I wonder at how long we've enjoyed this super stretch, thankful to be soaking in the sweetness of this Indian Summer of babyness, this Indian summer of togetherness.