Saturday, June 4, 2011

Living Healthfully: This is Really Happening

Editor's Note: After taking my journey with calorie-restricted diets and and restrictive food diets, I no longer feel that either are healthy. You can read my hard-fought-for, hard-lesson-learned food philosophy here

All right, bear with me.

I'm in a state of almost disbelief coupled with shock and complete estaticness. {Is that a word? If not, I claim ownership!}


Tonight we went to Target {because we're very fancy}, and as we were walking by the clothing section, a cute pair of shorts caught my eye at almost the exact minute I had to hike the pants I was wearing back up to my hips.

And in a moment of complete abandon for time, toddler attention span and normal panic when it comes to clothes shopping, I asked/told John I was going to try those shorts on.

And I took with me into the dressing room a size ten {the currently baggy pant's size} and a size eight.

That's right -- SINGLE digit clothing and I went into the same dressing room with the intent of us mingling in a super close kinda way.

Mind you, I didn't actually expect for said size-eight shorts to fit.

I haven't worn a size eight, well, um, ever.

As I slid my legs into the shorts and slipped them up my things I expected to meet my normal major speed bump: the hips.

But there was no major bump -- just small ones! And the shorts flew over them.

I almost cried/died/squealed like a schoolgirl/called my sister in the dressing room at Target.

But instead I got a handle on it all, and I simply just asked for husband approval of the shorts before we bagged them up and called them mine.

I think the most shocking part is that I've only lost 9 pounds almost five weeks into the Curves 90-Day Challenge {a challenge issued to Curves owners and coaches to walk the walk by the Curves founders at our spring regionals}.

I still have about seven more weeks left for the challenge and -- seriously, I cannot even believe I'm about to utter these words, so I'll whisper them -- I might make it to a size four.

I cannot even begin to unwrap what that really means because I could gush on and on {and on} about the health benefits of being at a weight that fits into size four -- my BMI would fall into the good range, my organs would be under much less stress, less risk for diseases like cancer and diabetes and high cholesteral, all of which run in my family.

And this? This is coming from someone who has had food issues ever since she can remember -- from the same person who invented The Fat Kids' Club in college and dubbed herself president. And the same person who hate, hate, HATED exercise with a passion until she was 21.

So far, I've been highly motivated to press into this kind-of-tough journey. A lot of people have come along side me and given me courage and encouragement, as well as celebration, insight and comraderie.

Ironically, some of these very confidants have been the same people who've been nudging me to jump in and do a vlog {which would be a video blog post, for those who don't speak bloggese}.

I'm committing tonight to doing that vlog July 31 if I do, indeed, make it to my goal weight by then.

So, that's roughly 9 to 11 more pounds to shed in about seven weeks.

And, perhaps, by July 31, I will have accomplished two things that have seemed completely overwhelming and terrifying -- taking these last, long steps toward true self-control and real health.

And talking to the interwebz using my actual voice {and I'll tell you in the vlog why I'm so hesistant about the art of vlogging}.

Without further ado -- the emotion-provoking single-digit Target shorts [that I likely will keep forever and frame as a momento}:

{Before picture here.}

Thanks for listening and celebrating with me. :)