Saturday, July 23, 2011

365 Photo Project: Weeks 40 and 41

Part of the secret to continuing with my 365 project, inspired by the fabulous Maegan at Life Set to Words, has been to get out of the box that is my house.

day 277

So I've been taking to the beautiful streets of my neighborhood and capturing the goodness that surrounds our home.

And I've been pointing my lens toward the sky whenever G cries, "Look, mom, God painted the sky again tonight! Pretty!"

day 278

Of course, I pounce on photo opportunities from the boys when they present themselves, too.

day 279

I never pass up a willing model.

day 280

These past few weeks I've had a cooperative toddler ham it up before my lens, so I've totally been jumping all over those photo ops.

day 281

Another way I try to capture unique shots revolves around framing my subjects. Sometimes just slightly turning the camera gives me a different, fresh perspective on scenes I feel like I've seen before.

day 282

And I have to admit, I love me some Instagram. Some days I just want to simply capture without adjusting light meter or focus.

day 283

Sometimes I want to be creative in the most simple of ways. Because I use my phone to capture shots with Instagram, I feel kind of bare bones and basic in my capture attems -- often having to rely on simple framing {no zoom!} and the natural lighting of the moment.

day 284

Speaking of simplicity, I've been realizing lately how often I neglect the most basic of beauties that are actually chalked full of interesting details. Sometimes simply pressing my body to the ground gives me a new perspective and new ideas for shots.

day 285

Various forms of portrait, self and otherwise, have lent quite a few opportunities to further my camera skills and capture images I might otherwise ignore ... like wrists and arms adorned with pretty, handmade button bracelets ...

day 286

and big and little hands contrasting against the smallness of pebbles.

day 287

And sometimes -- when you're editing and organizing pictures, you find an entire card of pictures from your project that you thought you lost! Here's a shot from the last week in May I thought was long gone. In the sorting, though, I was inspired by those pictures to maybe try some retakes from those lost shots instead of working all of the images in this far in the game.

I couldn't resist this one because it really speaks to my heart about where I want to go creatively with photography. Three months ago, when I originally shot it, it likely wouldn't have stuck out so much, but after these extra weeks of trying to find my photography voice, this shot speaks to me. So here it is ... three months later.
day 288

Fashionably but perfectly late.