Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Adventures: Up and Running

So in college, probably just after John and I were engaged, I was inducted into this wildly hilarious, mostly innovative, completely out-of-the-box and totally off-the-wall type of problem-solving club I mostly refer to as the Mugford Way.

My initiation revolved around transferring a hot tub from John's best friend, Jamey Mugford's parent's old house {catch that?} to their new home.

Sounds standard, right?

Well, um, not so much.

Because they didn't just want to move the hot tub to the new house; they wanted to move the hot tub onto a platform deck they built so that they could access said tub from the second floor of their home.

So with no crane or heavy machinery, essentially the Mugford family along with John, me and Jamey's then-future wife, invented some sort of system to get the hot tub on the platform.

And it worked.

I don't know how it worked because mostly I closed my eyes during the whole process, but it did.

A few months later, I experienced another moving project where my husband and the Mugford men thought it would be way smarter and easier to move Jamey's couch from his third-floor apartment by rigging up a pulley system and lowering it out of the sliding glass door.

From the balcony.

It also worked. {Although, someone forgot to account for the swinging effect of a dangling couch, and the couch almost ended up smashing through the patio door of the second-floor neighbor's. But as I've learned almost DOES NOT count against success. Therefore, it was successful.}

This whole Mugford Way of innovation and problem-solving methods when it comes to home renovation or the moving of all things within a house -- be it hot tubs, couches or even pesky walls is like something you would see on a Discovery Channel show.

You kind of want to close your eyes while it's all happening, but it's so darn entertaining and mostly there is major success involved.

Needless to say, my extremely intelligent husband has lovingly adopted this thought process; so much so he now he often devises crazy plans to get the job done.

Like he did last night at our business.

You see, we were ushered into Monday morning with surround-sound booms of thunder, bold streaks of lightening and wild winds whipping through branches and leaves, all which shredded power lines and uprooted and rehomed century-old trees through out Grayslake.

The storm sent us running to take cover in our basement; when we emerged we didn't know how grateful we would soon become for having electricity and a roof and siding on our house.

Melissa, who still doesn't have power, said her neighborhood, which is closer to our club, was littered with trees and void of power, so when the boys and I ventured over to our Curves, just about three miles away from our home, we saw the reality the of the storm for many with our own eyes: no electricity, gaping holes in homes and broken windows.

Our club, while thankfully structurally undamaged, was left without power, which basically forced us to close Monday and, I thought, probably until the power was restored.

But that hubby of mine, he put on his thinking hat and tapped into the Mugford Way of problem solving {did I mention that both my hubby and the Mugfords have mad-business smarts and engineering brains?} to creatively get us back up and running for a few hours Tuesday night so we could at least offer a few hours of workouts and our hour-long Zumba class.

And this is what he did:

After all was said and done and I looked around our only sun-lit club with the fans whirling, carrying cool outside air into our Curves while the music was pumping -- all powered by John's station wagon, all I could say, a smile beaming on my face was
"Wow, honey, I kind of feel like a Mugford right now."

As a few of our ladies happily entered the club to workout, John and I stood there grinning like idiots for a minute looking at John's master plan in action, and, I think, for the first time ever, I felt the way John has felt from the beginning of his friendship with Jamey -- like I've been fully indoctrinated into the Mugford Way and may be at the point of no return.

{Awesomely, half way through our hour-long Zumba class, the power miraculously switched back on and we are up and running, but Melissa still doesn't have any. Will you send her some love via blog or Twitter {@Pbinmyhair} today? She can see a few things via phone Internet, and it might make her day.}