Monday, July 25, 2011

Everyday Life:{Not-so} Blind Date

Earlier this week, I shared with John that I was getting butterflies in my stomach from all the excitment surrounding my blind-esqueish date with the talented Alita of Alita Jewel Treasures.

I was mostly joking about it being a blind date and all, but there was that little twinge of nervousness mixed in with the excitement centering around our meet up, like that of what would happen before a blind date.

Turns out, Alita's house is in driving distance from where my family vacations in Michigan, so we made plans early this summer to spend an afternoon together in July; and our plans came to fruition yesterday when Alita and I met at a restaurant in Kalamazoo and drank our weight in tea and coffee.

During one of the quickest three hours of my life, we talked like we were old friends, sharing ideas and back stories, expounding on thoughts and dreams, giggling over our kids and stories about dating our hubbies.

While Alita and I were talking about the complextity of relationships built through blogging, I shared how I'd started thinking about how our meeting wasn't so much a blind-date type of one. Rather, it felt much more like meeting that far-in-the-distance but at the same time close-to-your-heart penpal you've been corresponding with about everything under the sun for seemingly ever.

Maybe, for like a split second or two, you wonder what if we just don't click when we're face to face. But then you go back to all of the written words that have interwoven your heart strings. And then, maybe for another split second {or three}, you wonder, what if I'm so completely different in person than what I come across in my blog?

But then you see each other and grin wide, hug hello and suddenly three minutes turns into three hours and those thoughts are but distant memories.

And you realize, really, it was a not-so-blind date, afterall.