Friday, July 1, 2011

Five-Minute Friday: Welcome

There's nothing tidy about this well-lived in space we call home.

It's almost always dusted with little pieces of Earth around the doorways, signs that small feet have shuffled in and out at least a dozen or more times during the morning hours.

Almost always there are toys strewn across the wooden floors, carpeting and stairs alike, little crumb trails from two busy worker ants who've been hard a play all afternoon.

The bathroom vanity bulbs are forever on, shedding light across the scattered toothbrushes and various toothpastes.

At least a small pile of dishes always lines one edge of the counter, glasses branded and marked with small fingerprints.

Tall prairie grasses always line the flower beds, sharing space with bright yellow lillies, trying to disguise the fact they are weeds.

And chairs are never all perfectly placed around the table because two tiny people are constantly rearranging and transforming the furniture into more useful things, like ladders.

I've struggled with all but shutting and locking the doors to the outside world, weary of welcoming anyone into this space where I spend more time living and enjoying than I spend cleaning and organizing.

But as the days pass, and the children grow older, morph and all the dust and dirt stay the same as it's always been, I've pushed myself to invite despite the mess.

Because, I have to imagine, nothing says hello, lays out the welcome mat for acceptance and friendship, quite like simply being who we are.

And, right now, who we are is loud. And laughter-filled. And passionate. And emotional {for better or worse}. And messy.