Saturday, July 9, 2011

Living Healthfully: Feasts

Editor's Note: After taking my journey with calorie-restricted diets and and restrictive food diets, I no longer feel that either are healthy. You can read my hard-fought-for, hard-lesson-learned food philosophy here

Here's the thing about dieting and living healthfully that popular culture wouldn't have us believe: we don't have to starve or leave the table unsatisfied to shed pounds or maintain a healthy weight.

In fact, you can, and you should eat filling portions of tasty, colorful, seasonal foods.

So, today, at my Curves club, we did just that: we feasted on delicious, healthy, metabolism-revving foods while celebrating our members who have logged more than 1,000 workouts during the past decade {and may I add-- that is a lot of toning, sweating and just plain working it.}

The coaches and I made dishes to pass and served our super-dedicated, super-beautiful ladies a lunch they enjoyed and feel good about indulging in. Also, the lunch was a really awesome way to share with some of our most loyal members a smattering of the recipes from the Curves Complete 90-Day Challenge {and, you guys, we only have TWENTY THREE DAYS left!} -- all recipes with which the coaches have been nourishing their bodies while shedding fat and inches and pounds.

Between the delicious, filling food and the delicious, filling conversation, our celebration of their achievements was an absolute delight. It's so heart-filling to hear about what Curves has meant to our extremely dedicated ladies. And, I have to say -- I can relate. This place, it's meant so much to me -- the beautiful faces, the warmth, the support, the encouragement, the results.

Oh, and while I'm mentioning results, can I tell you something super exciting? Probably more exciting than fitting into single-digit shorts?? I met a second goal today: my BMI jumped into the fair category -- And it's just ONE POINT away from the good zone. {I am almost just speechless at the overwhelming gratitude I have for Curves International and its amazing research of the eating and exercise plans; I cannot even fully express.}

Goosebumps. I keep catching glimpses of myself in mirrors or photographs and blinkblinkblinking while asking is that girl really me? This whole health journey has been incredible.

So I am full -- in so many ways after today. Between the conversation and the sharing of our lives and having met another goal -- our feast-- for both the body and soul -- was the best way ever to begin my trek into year three as a Curves owner.