Saturday, July 30, 2011

Share the Love: Organization Set Giveaway from Blue Sky

Intentional living is complicated by busyness.

The busyness, I've found, robs me of our everyday moments.

With my always-running mind and a full list of commitments, I've found that I can no longer rely only on memory to keep our family moving in the right directions at the right times on the right days and soak up the moments as they happen.

After this realization, I decided to make a concerted effort to give my mind a breather; I've taken the better part of this summer to try and imbed some organization into our lives so that come fall, when our activities become much more structured and scheduled, I will be able to enjoy our actual down time and the moments that accompany without becoming consumed by other thoughts of other committments I may or may not be forgetting.

My first attempt at organization began with a monthly calendar for our kitchen. I actually caved last fall and bought a Blue Sky hanging wall calendar {partly because it was pretty} after I asked my husband for the fourth day in a row if it was Thursday. {And I was totally serious.}

And that has helped; but I admittedly need a level of organization that goes beyond simply knowing the day of the week -- that's where my Blue Sky Day planner is helping.

With a monthly calendar at located at the beginning of each month's tab followed by actual day spaces alloted for detailed plans, I've become more successful at keeping my days straight and not overbooking our weeks ...

when I remember to use it.

{Why, yes, I am keeping it real here.} :)

I haven't used a daily planner since my senior year of college, partly because I rarely have the time it takes to pencil in all of the activities at each moment each activity is scheduled {hands full with chasing kids} and partly because I have to remember to bring said planner places.

{I'm lucky to remember shoes for E.}

Also, effectively using a planner takes diligence for me -- it really requires discipline.

As I've been disciplining myself, I've come to really like the way my planner is structured. All of my lists -- who to call, what to do, what to buy -- are in one place. All of my plans are in one place. One very pretty place.

I do not have a purse overflowing with sticky notes any more. I'm not desperately trying to recall what I think I may have forgotten {mostly}. And my iPhone isn't tethered to my hand at every moment of the day.

I like that.

So, I guess there's a reason why these planner thingys are popular. They actually work.

Probably, if you're like me and you live in the real world, you're also looking for some organizational help this fall.

Maybe a Blue Sky organization set might help control the chaos of the school year and help foster more moments of intentional living?

Simply leave a comment telling me your best organization tip {or what color your toenails are painted -- really any comment is fine}.

*I'll randomly select a winner Tuesday, August 2
*The Blue Sky organization kit includes one 8x10 planner, magnetic grocery checklist pad, mouse pad, and door notes
*Be sure to include your email address; I had to redraw the winner three times last giveaway.
*For an additionaly entry, you can like Blue Sky on Facebook. {Leave a comment saying you did.}

Blue Sky gifted me with an organizational set and offered to give away a set, too. While this is a sponsored post, my opinions and thoughts are my own. As mentioned, I'd already been using Blue Sky items in my daily life, so I thought my friends here might find them useful, too.