Wednesday, August 24, 2011

365 Photo Project: Weeks 44 and 45

This capture of a gift bag really isn't just a picture of a gift bag to me.
day 300
Rather, t's a time stamp making it known that I've been at this 365 Photo Project for an entire year.
day 301
I'm tempted to let it mean more. I'm fighting in my head labeling this project as a failure.
day 302
I mean, it has been 365 days ...
day 303
... and I have 310 pictures.
day 304
I'm sure you can do that math.
day 305
But I'm trying to rewire the perfectionist tendencies of brain.
day 306
I'm trying to embrace the imperfection that sometimes accompanies creativity and works of growth.
day 307
Because there has been growth in this journey -- growth in knowledge and skill, creativity and inspiration.
day 308
And where there is growth, where there is learning, maybe the word failure shouldn't come into play.
day 309
And maybe that lesson, should I get it through my thick head, was the intended one all along.
day 310
So I'd better not miss it. {Tell me not to miss it.}