Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bigger Picture Moment: The Kind of Day

We're having the kind of day where

a cuddly almost-two-year-old boy wakes up smiling and cooperative, giving his mama false hope of a peaceful day.

The kind of day where

nurses at the doctors office look at you with a mixture of pity and compassion welling in their eyes as your two year old slides ala a wet noodle onto the floor and begins screaming at the mere sight of the scale.

The type where the big brother screams at his little brother, and then the mother turns and yells at the older one for screaming.

The kind of day where peeling an adventurous toddler off of the dining room chair obstacle course he's created has culminated in more spills and falls and tears and bruises than can be counted on one hand.

And the kind of day where just as the clock clicks over to 4:00 p.m. and mama is about to sigh a breath of relief that her husband will soon be home, a text message flashes onto the phone saying he's running late ...

just as the toddler nose dives straight onto the floor from scaling the chair on which she's sitting on the edge.

One where I -- the mother, the adult here -- throw my hands up in the air, declare I need five minutes to myself, turn on the TV guilt free and all but crawl to the simple retreat that is an empty white page on my computer screen, flowing with the simple lyrics of a Sufjan Stevens song, wrapped int the late afternoon sun streaming through a cracked window that's offering a warm breeze.

I'm having the kind of day that makes me

thankful for song that carries me to calm

thankful for little whispers of creation that speak to my soul

thankful for small escapes

thankful that tomorrow will be birthed brand new by morning sun

and that it carries the hope of being the good kind of day that often comes after the storm rages and then passes.

I'm having the kind of day that makes me grateful that not every day is like this one.


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