Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bigger Picture Moment: What We Make It

As we drive away from our unanticipated long weekend at the lake, sniffles emerge from the backseat.

"Awww, G. Are you OK?" I ask.

"Yes," he whimpers. "But I don't want to leave Lake Cora today because it's my favorite place."

And what do you say to that when you yourself are trying to reign in all of the emotions about leaving such a perfect escape for another long nine months after having basked in the beauty of soft sand and clear, cool water and warm August sun for five spectacular days?

"We'll be back next summer, honey," I assure him.

Oh. Next summer. Leaving Lake Cora for the last time every August stings because our final farewell means that summer is coming to a rapid close soon. And while I love fall with its harvest and serene beauty, summer makes me feel most alive. Consequently, every year, I mourn its passing.

"But it's such a long time," he softly cries. "And I love it here."

Agreeing with him, I try to think of something to say that would offer him comfort and reassurance.

"And, mommy {sniff, sniff}, I'm leaving all the fun at Lake Cora, and that makes me really sad."

"No, G.," I say, "that's not true. We'll have lots of fun this fall. And even today. We're stopping for a special mommy and boys' lunch date. We'll make our fun happen if we don't feel like there is any."

Brief silence floods the car momentarily, and I wonder if I really mean what I so passionately just stated. Before I can say anything else, he finally agrees:

"Ok, we'll make our own fun."

I promise aloud that we will while silently vowing to uphold my end of the deal as the trees lining the lake fade into the horizon in my review mirror, holding summer hostage again for another year.

"We'll just make the fun happen," he affirms again.

I'm sure he's repeated it mostly as self-reassurance, but I imprint his words on my heart, shift my eyes from the review mirror to the front dash, breathe in the open road that stretches out across the hilly terrain before before us and give the gas pedal a slight push as we press into horizon.

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