Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Create!: Photo Booth Props Tutorial and Pictures

I'm not sure there's anything as alluring as a pretty lady sporting a curly-q mustache.
{Especially when its very obviously made of foam and you can see her sense of humor exuding from behind the black handlebars of such a 'stache.}

I mentioned yesterday that these photo-booth props were the perfect accent to the {mostly} sophisticated spa-weekend bachlorette party some friends and I executed for my bride-to-be sister.

Not only were they SUPER fun
but they also were SUPER easy to craft.

At first I wasn't even going to try to make my own with all the time restrictions I was facing, but Melissa talked me into it {and not one but two Etsy shop owners canceling five and four days before the party also sent me in that direction, too}.

My biggest challenge in the crafting of the props was deciding between using foam, felt or heavy card stock. I chose foam for longevity reasons. It's also water resistant, sturdy and won't flop over after a few uses.

So, without further ado, here's an easy tutorial for making your own party-starting, laughter-inducing photo booth props in just a few hours flat for about $10.


-Several sheets of 2mm thick foam in various colors {I bought sticky-backed sheets}
-heavy duty tape
-grilling skewers or long popsicle sticks
-exacto knife or sharp cutting blade
-computer/printer to print templates or simple drawing skills

Free Templates:
1. Draw templates of a few mustaches, glasses, lips and bowties or print a few designs you like
2. Cut the templates out.
3. Place the templates on the back of the foam and trace {I traced on the paper side because mine was sticky-sided on the back.}
4. Use scissors to cut out the shapes; use an exacto knife to edge out the smaller details on the foam.
5. Decorate
6. Cut the sharp edge of the grilling skewer off
7. Tape the skewer to the far left of right side of the design and securely tape the stick to the back of the prop
8. If you're using the sticky-backed foam only cut the backing off of the place where the skewer was attached. Leave the paper on the rest so the prop doesn't stick to all surfaces when not being used
9. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: It should be noted that grown women aren't the only ones who enjoy photo-booth props.