Monday, August 29, 2011

Everyday Life: No Strippers Please

In my very humble opinion, there are only a few things left to be done at a bachlorette party a week before your baby sister gets married {and it has nothing to do with the, erm, shaking that normally accompanies beefy male strippers. *Shudder*. Ahem.}

1. Kidnap her for a girls' weekend at Timber Ridge Lodge in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin and crown her with a plastic bedazzled tiara

1.5 feed her bonbons to soften the blow of the tiara

2. Wine and dine her ...

2.5 so that when you pull out a mustache on a stick, she protests little before giggling and posing solo

2.75 and alongside her fabulous entourage

3. Explain the placement of the crystal body art she was gifted for her, hmm, creative endeavors during the honeymoon

4. Bring her blood pressure back down by treating her to an afternoon of spa pleasures

5. Remind her that even though her heart now belongs to the man of her dreams, she'll always have a space in yours and in all the people's hearts who have loved her so much along the way.

Happy wedding, baby sister. I hope the weekend before you exchanged your vows will live in your mind always as memory of a time and space you felt totally enveloped in love.

{AND -- Why, YES, I DID craft all of those photo booth props! And I'm sharing an easy-peasy photo-booth prop tutorial tomorrow. Trust me -- you want these at your next party or girls' weekend.}


In the interest of full disclosure, Timber Ridge Lodge gifted us with the media rate for our one-night stay in a full suite during my sister's bachlorette party. We had a fabulous time in Lake Geneva and at the Lodge, and I was not compensated to say that. As always, all mentions and opinions are garnered from any outstanding experiences I've encountered. To read more about my pledge while working with companies and brands, take a peek.