Saturday, August 27, 2011

Introducing Simple Swaps!

Saturdays around Undercover Mother are getting a little makeover for the fall!

After talking with a lot of friends and finding we all want to live more inspired, intentional, healthier lives, the wheels in my brain began turning about how we could all turn those ideals into values that we can live out in our daily lives.

Thus, Simple Swaps was born!

The first Saturday of each month, I'll introduce one Simple Swaps as a way encouraging my friends here to find the time and resources to make simple changes aimed at fostering a healthier, more inspired, intentional lifestyle.

Each swap will:
1. Take 15 minutes or less to accomplish
2. Be free to implement or boast overall, long-haul savings
3. Focus on improving health/eco-friendliness, being good stewards of our resources or fostering a creative and intentional life.

Some weeks, all three will be accomplished in only 15 minutes!

Good things to remember:
1. While making the swap be sure to take a before and after picture.
2. Post your Simple Swap pictures and the details -- YOUR story surrounding that specific swap. {Please link back to the Simple Swap post here at Undercover Mother in your post!}
3. Come back here to Undercover Mother, link your post and be automatically entered to win a something awesome that will help you in your journey and aid in helping your Simple Swap stick.

Saturday, Sept. 3, our Simple Swap will be transforming a cluttered area into a Creative Oasis in 15 minutes or less for no cost at all. Come back for the details and to get inspiration and a how-to guide for making your own Creative Oasis {in a permanent or temporary space!}.