Friday, August 5, 2011

Living Healthfully: My Favorite Food Power Combinations

During my last Living Healthfully post, in which I shared how I switched my allegiances to my health and body instead of allowing cravings to take precedence, I mentioned how focusing on incorporating power combinations into my day actually helped me reach my 16.2 pound weight loss goal during the Curves 90-Day Challenge.

Because power combinations are not often discussed, it piqued quite a bit of interest, so today I'm sharing my top-three favorite power combinations that helped me stick to the 90-Day Challenge and meet my goals.

Happy Friday!

Important to note, many of these combinations are found in the Curves Weight Management Plan book, and the Curves Weight Management Plan has been researched and found to be scientifically effective and sound by researchers at Baylor University and Texas A&M University. Of course, this video was my own explanation of power combinations, and it shouldn't be viewed as words directly from Curves International. And, I'm not a doctor {as you know}. I think that covers all my bases. :)