Sunday, August 21, 2011

Thinking, that's all: From the Sidelines

It's all a blur.

It's all a blur

The morning after one of my good friend's wedding, she knew the truth of it on a personal level.

"You guys were right," she exhaled as we sat down for a late brunch in the hotel restaurant. "It all did go by so quickly. It was such a blur."

I smiled, nodded my head yes, recalling our own wedding, a day that swirls in my mind with memories of soft pink dresses pressed against black tuxes set to the acoustic melody of Such Great Heights, infused with hints of fresh stargazer lilies.

A blur of beautiful -- our wedding day for us, their day for them.


She'll likely recall a whirlwind of plum intertwined with silvers and teals, feathering out of her memory like the fanned peacock tails gracing the sidelines of their celebration on the grounds of the zoo.


Backdrops of lush green trees laced with sweet smells of hydrangea wafting from her bridesmaids' bouquets will probably linger in her memory.

Super beautiful

And she definitely will remember how the stormy morning skies gave way to the late-afternoon warmth of August sun, an answered prayer uttered from the lips of many.

I've often said I mostly remember our wedding through moments frozen in time by the swift capture of a camera lens snapping shut, through feelings that embroidered themselves on my heart, smells that breezed into my brain and settled into the fabric of my memory like lavender soaks into the threads of sheets when pressed beneath a pillow, through the acoustics of a guitar and the strings of violin drifting through thick summer air, winding notes and melody around my mind like vines entwined around branches.

I piece together the day with stories collected from weddings we now attend, glimpsing flashbacks of scenes I never knew I remembered.


But, also, I order the frames of my wedding slide show together with scenes given to me from the sidelines -- the moments seen through the eyes of my best friends, my family, the people who vowed alongside us to encourage and support the vows we spoke to each other and God.

I had the honor of standing close from the sidelines of the bridal party as one of the most beautiful women I love pledged her heart to a worthy man and his to her.


And not only do I take with me remembered memories from our wedding, but I take the privilege of giving our memories of their wedding to them.


Likely, when we gather together for a shared meal in the weeks passing their wedding day, we'll give them small pieces of their day.

We'll recall how the dance floor was a constant state of movement and celebration.

We'll laugh about how we've never been to a wedding where so many tall men were passionate and intent about busting a move on the dance floor.

I'll whisper in her ear about how wide her groom smiled when the pastor welcomed him to kiss his bride and about how as the day progressed we could see them blending together into the oneness of marriage.

First dance

And piece by piece, we'll weave together our stories from the sidelines into their memories from the center stage, joining together, wedding the beauty, the love, the emotion, the blurs of moments that saturated the day they spoke their vows into reality.

{Picture of bride and groom with flower and picture the bride and groom with the bubbles were taken by my talented hubby.}