Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Writing Me: Where I'm From

Over at Bigger Picture Blogs, we are sponsoring Writing Me, a community writing project. Based off of the Where I'm From prompt, we're tapping into our creativity and memories to poignantly craft snapshots of the places from which we each hale. We'll be posting a long-standing link up soon so that we can each link our posts and read about where we each have journeyed in our lives. Join us!

I am from amber waves of grain as far as the horizon stretches, from John Deer tractors and garden-fresh, vine-ripened tomatoes shooting out of the fertile black farm soil in my grandparents' backyards.

I am from more houses than can be counted on two hands but most memorably and most longstanding, I’m from the creaky stairs descending to a basement bedroom of a quaint white house flooded by both morning and afternoon sunlight, always drenched in song lyrics and laced with harmony and melody ...

{To read more about where I'm from, click on over ... and then pretty please consider sharing where you are from!}