Friday, September 9, 2011

Bigger Picture Blogs: Welcome Lenae!

This week at Bigger Picture Blogs, we're welcoming a new writer/event organizer on board. See, we have some really big creativity-fostering, intentional-living-inspiring projects in the words for this fall and 2012, and we needed to add a little more creative muscle to the team to give us some extra womanpower to plan, organize and execute. So today we welcome Lenae to her new roll at BPB! Besides making me laugh outloud in the middle of Starbucks while I'm reading her blog, Lenae also makes me think. Like, really think. But I think my favorite thing about Lenae's writing is that she makes me feel. Like, really, really feel. In welcoming her, each of the current writer/organizers has picked a favorite post penned by Lenae, and I'm casting my lot for a moving piece about the chasm between life and death. I hope you'll take a minute and go say hello to Lenae and feast on her beautiful words. I know if you love this space, you'll love hers, too. {Comments closed! Go say hello to Lenae.}

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