Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bigger Picture Moment: Black Holes and Socks

My youngest, my just turned two year old, is playing intently just a few feet away from me as I sort laundry into piles.

I am wondering where the time has gone since my oldest was wearing the 2T clothing his younger brother now sports.

It's the first day* of every-day school for G, and I'm wallowing in the reality that black holes eat more than our socks -- they seem to have sucked away the past four years of our life together.

Underwear go in one pile, socks in another.

And speaking of socks -- uugh!


How is it already time for the weather to mandate we wear socks?!

It's only September ... ohmygosh, it's already September.

Where did this year go, I bemoan in my head.

I hear an uprising of babble emerge from my little one; he's lining up his older brother's stuffed animals along the couch while making them talk and move and interact.

As I match the seems of a blue-striped shirt, I realize that E isn't just doing his normal play of line 'em up only to knock 'em off their feet.

He's play-playing -- with imagination and passion.

I abandoned my laundry ambitions, and I watch him babble away speaking his E-ese, as we call it, totally focusing 100 percent on what's unfolding before my eyes instead of intently focusing on the review-mirror glimpses of days past while folding clothes.

As I emerge from the black hole of time and socks, I see it.

I see time standing still before me, and realize the clock is offering me moments to just soak up my small boy, my not-so-baby baby.

This is the time to know E better, to gobble up who he is.

It is here. It is now. And it is fleeting if I think it away with thoughts of the past.

So I'm taking in every moment of it while it's here at my feet.

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{*This moment happened last Wednesday.}


  1. quite a conundrum, huh? thinking of the past loses moments in the present. Ay yay yay...makes it hard to keep up! Or hard to stay in the present? Or hard to let go of the past? Yes. I feel all of it.

  2. Soak that boy up all you can. Drown in him if possible.

  3. I love these moments of savouring the stage there at. The brief moments I stop thinking about the future so much and just absorb the beauty of now.

    Time is a black hole sometimes isn't it? I can't believe how fast the last year has gone.

  4. I just love watching kids play! It's so fun to see them use their imagination. And listening to their self-talk is priceless! (Yes, I eavesdrop on my girls, constantly!)

  5. Thanks for the reminder!

  6. I have this same mental conversation with myself all the time! Sigh.

  7. I love this line: "As I emerge from the black hole of time and socks, I see it."

    Why is it so hard to stay in the present? These moments are so fleeting sometimes. But I love that you saw it and stopped and shared. It becomes that much more valuable, I think, precisely because it is so easy to blindly pass by.

  8. You spoke straight to my heart with this. I remember so many times knowing right in the moment that it was all too fleeting and that I would miss it terribly too soon. And now too soon is here! So, soak away--soak everyday!


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