Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bigger Picture Moment: Everything Under the Sun

A few nights ago, as I was trying to come up with a bigger picture moment from an exhaustingly packed week, I found myself walking next to blooming purple wildflowers and towering auburn prairie grasses.

The beauty caught me off guard during my walk, a time when I was admittedly trying to pound all the gunkiness of tough day into the pavement while grasping at any moment from the week I could recall seeing a glimpse of the bigger picture through a simple moment, which isn't actually easy when you're moving at 154 thousand miles per hour.

Nonetheless, I'd wondered why I'd never before seen these brilliant swatches of color set against the Midwestern landscape; I mean, I have tread this ground at least a thousand times before.

So I got to thinking -- I wonder what else I've breezed by a thousand times lately but haven't really seen, really experienced.


the intense blues of late August skies

the way 75 degrees perfectly enwraps my sun-drenched skin

the deep belly giggles of two little boys laughing in rounds

the quiet hand tucked into mine before we hurry into the store

And, quickly, I admitted to myself that all of these things I've been missing as I fly right by them have only been missed because I wasn't looking.

But that? It wasn't actually my Bigger Picture Moment. I know I have a tendancy to pass by the extraordinary ordinaryness of everyday beauty as I rush from place to place, project to project.

My Bigger Picture Moment actually came on the heels of this reoccurring thought of slowing down to enjoy the beauty.

My Bigger Picture Moment was in the realization that I have captured more than 52 weeks of extraordinary ordinary moments I likely would have passed by had I not been intentionally seeking to find the bigger picture in the midst of sometimes chaos.

I finally saw those beautiful purple flowers and the surreal blue of the sky and felt the perfection of 75 degrees and a small hand slipped into my own because I've been training myself to see these moments, to live intentionally, to practice enjoying what's been placed before me.

The real gift probably isn't only the actual bigger picture moment, but, also, it's the act of having identified its loveliness.

Simple BPM

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