Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bigger Picture Moment: To Live

It was like herding cats to get the boys out the door.

 No one could find socks or corresponding shoes

 the phone charger {how will we map our destination with a dead smartphone?}

 or the black fleece. {No, not that black fleece; the other one.}

 But, darn it, the day, with its bright sunlight, blue skies and cooler Autumn air, was beckoning us to explore a nearby apple orchard.

 And, darn it, it was the last day before G began school again for the fall semester.

 And DARN IT -- Let'sGO! No, I don't care--wear the sandals! And, yes, just put the socks underneath. And live a little! Try the blue fleece. It's just like the black one but blue!

In a giant swoop, I shephered the boys out the door and I silently hoped that all of the effort from the past 45 minutes would be worth it once we got to the orchard.

 "Oh, God," I breathed, "Let it be ..." I trailed off, not even sure of what words to use to finish such a simple prayer of plea.

We completed our errands and drove for what felt like forever into the countryside that surrounds suburbia, feasting on the visuals of tall, burnt auburn prairie grasses and still-green-leaved oaks and maples.

 As we stepped onto the farm grounds and the boys spotted and immediately began scaling an antique red tractor stationed before us, my body, my mind exhaled.

 I breathed deep the country air, turned off my brain and enjoyed the creation stretched out before my eyes with two of the most beautifully created souls I know.

And under the still-bright September sun, amid the beauty of rows boasting harvests of reddened apples and beside the little ear-to-ear grins spread across small faces, my prayer without words, my heart's cry, was realized.

Simple BPM For the first time ever, Lenae, our newest Bigger Picture Blogs writer/organizer, is hosting Bigger Picture Moments today. Head over and join us as we journey on in living intentionally.


  1. my prayer without words, my heart's cry, was realized.

    Oh, this phrase paired with those great pictures (love the cow!). You have truly captured simple beauty this week. Love it!

  2. This made me smile...because so many times I try to do the cool outing (to the orchard, or the children's museum) and the trials and tribulations prior to even starting the car stress me out so much that I wonder if it's worth it...then I see their faces and say YES!

    Oh, and getting little ones to do ANYTHING is sooo like herding cats.

  3. Why does getting out the door take so long! I think I've wasted my energy before we leave which is why I hardly go anywhere anymore. Haha!


    Once you get out to your destination, there is peace and joy in actually enjoying what it is you've set out to do.

  4. Ha! Yes! Add me to the list of people who want to tear their hair out while attempting to get the troops out of the door quickly, and in an organized fashion. Madness.

    But this: "...and enjoyed the creation stretched out before my eyes with two of the most beautifully created souls I know." Mm, love it! Those souls are worth the effort. And yes, He is faithful in answering our prayers. I am so glad that you were able to glimpse both these things after a rough start to a day.

  5. I had to get the kids to school today (normally Dad does it) and I was a mess because of the time crunch. Oh, and the toddler aspect you speak of...right shoes, right shirts, etc. It's HARD!

    I love that once you got there, it was as it was meant to be. It was just a task to get there! :)

  6. This post made my smile. I love your writing style.

  7. Love that you captured a little stolen moment before school begins again!

    P.S. Did you decide to stop using DISQUS? I'm curious because I'm working on my blog redesign and I was considering switching to DISQUS.

  8. What a lovely moment. And those apples are gorgeous!

  9. Sounds like it was a wonderful day!

  10. I'm so glad you didn't just give up and call it a day.


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