Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dress Like a Girl: In the Bedroom

There's no place I need more encouragement to dress like a girl than when it comes to the bedroom.

If John were to weigh in, he'd probably agree. I mean, one of my most frequented pajama shirts is from 1991. I know because the faded date of the festival from which the shirt hails is still miraculously readable. Relatedly, last year, I had to thrust a pair of frayed and tattered pajama pants in John's unsuspecting face, turn my head {dramatically} and exclaim for him to take them away to the donation bag before I changed my mind.

To which he replied, "Honey, you cannot donate those. They will probably disintegrate on the drive to the thirft store."

So, um, yeah; I needed help.

In my defense, it makes sense -- I mean, these worn clothes are the most comfortable threads I own; totally soft to the touch and thin, they are perfect sleeping wear.

While favorites are comfy and cozy, that's most certainly where the appeal ends. Honestly, come night time, my wears are anything but pretty, and that kind of rubs off on the way a girl feels, you know? {And the way we feel when we enter the bedroom shouldn't always just be pooped and ready to sack out, you know?}

So I resigned to retire some of my rattiest pajamas and trade them in for some new threads that are as cozy and comfortable as they are lovely.

And, thus far, I'm feeling pretty good about this decision and just plain pretty, too.

Dlag challenge
Why yes there are wildly half-dressed littles jumping on my bed behind me!

Feet for dress like a girl
Cute, comfy Hotter slippers coupled with flannel pants.

You're seeing that right; there IS lace on my tank! :)
What about you? How's your bedtime dress? If you need some motivation, you still have time to Dress Like a Girl in the bedroom and link up! Pop over to Melissa's for some inspiration and a the linky.