Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Everyday Life: Big Baby

We still lovingly call him Big Baby {because Big Baby of Toy Story 3 is very much his twinsie}.

But truth be told, there really hasn't been anything baby about him for months.

His gait is much more of a steady-on-my-own-feet toddle, completely void of wobbly, unsure steps.

His banter is complex, though he still speaks a language we have yet to understand.

His play mirrors his four-year-old brothers, as he zooms cars along the amber wooden hallways and builds skyscraper towers out of bright Duplos atop of living room carpet.

Today brings E's second birthday, and with it the realization that all the lingering pieces of his sweet babyness have completely faded into the curiosity, silliness and intensity of toddlerhood laced with affectionate kisses and strong-arm hugs.


I won't lie -- I squeeze tightly the memory of his wide blue eyes and his easy, open-mouth, gummy smiles of days passed, long passed. I am his mother after all, and mothers do well at remembering small babes pressed gently against the skin stretched across our hearts.

But, also, I celebrate the emergence of who he is


the bigness of his heart worn on his two-year-old sleeve when he hugs my neck so so tight or runs to his daddy full force only to land on his face lips first, intent on smothering him with kisses.

the infectious belly laugh that comes so easily as he runs wildly around the house with his older brother

the intensity of his determination while scaling furniture as though it were mountainous cliffs waiting to be conquered and spiked with a flag of triumph

the wildness of his little boy heart exploding with zeal and curiosity for all things new.

And I remember -- I wrap my tender mommy heart in the blanket-bandages of comfort as I embrace the marking of another year passed since he came rushing into our arms*, holding ever true to his style of his entrance by saying aloud that he was created to morph from a small wild heart embed with passion and fearlessness and love to a large one intended to forge into a world who needs exactly who he's growing to be.


Happy second birthday, my blue-eyed boy. May the One who knit you together in my womb continue to weave together the boy you're becoming.

{E was born at home after one wildly fast and unexpected evening of labor. Here's his homebirth story.}