Monday, October 24, 2011

Dress Like a Girl: In the Cold!

There's not much I enjoy about the temperatures dipping below freezing ... or, say, 55 degrees.

Mostly I just like snow in December {and December only} and drinking steaming mugs of hot tea while snuggling next to my husband or boys, basking in the glow of a warm fireplace.

Not that we have a fireplace, but if we did, it would make me a little warmer toward the cold.

Even my relationship with winter gear has been that of a love-hate one.

Mostly I've loved it because it keeps me warm. And that was about all I loved it for during these past few years because it certainly hasn't been, hmm, the most stylish.

The first winter I spent married to my husband I fell cold-feet first into the trap of wearing his outdoor gear because, really, hunters do know how to stay warm.

Warm, yes! But cute? If you're a boy, totally!
John will insist I'd already gone down that rabbit hole of function over fashion, though, because when we met I sported my dad's size 2X down goose parka until probably sometime in April when I deemed it safe to emerge outside in less than four layers {for reals, I get bone cold in the winter}.

Until just last winter, I'd come to embrace the manly winter look, almost enjoying the shock on the stockboys' faces as I disrobed my outer garments upon entering the store, suddenly morphing into a women.

Then I found this knit ear band. It was pretty. It had sparklies. But I had little hope it would actually be thick enough to keep me warm. I tried it on anyway, because did I mention it was really cute? And it had sparklies?
I know; it's hard to see the sparklies. But they are there!
Miraculously, so I felt at the time, it was actually warm -- something I've rarely come across with winter women's fashion. {Perhaps all of these years I'd never been looking in the right places?} Of course, I shelled out the $20 it cost and wore it proudly -- clothed in its beauty and warmth -- amid the chill of late autumn.

I began avidly searching for more cold-winter gear last year, and I was re-inspired to continue my search after Melissa issued the Rock Fall October challenge, that didn't make me feel like a lumber jack or a big burly hunter foraging acres of open field in search for anything that moves{sorry, honey, your camo is warm, but it's not exactly stylish}.

And I found a warm, long scarf with the slightest of shimmers interwoven into the black wool

as well as purple gloves with finger holes and mitten covers, perfect for keeping warm while still being able to grip important things like the steering wheel, little hands and my phone

and the softest knit scarf from A Soft Landing and Quince and Co. that my husband immediately took a liking to and has been eyeing ever since I opened the package and let him touch it.

So soft!
lovely knit from A Soft Landing
So while I haven't traded function for fashion, I've found fashionably functional gear that makes me feel a lot prettier while simultaneously providing the warmth I so desire when it's absolutely frigid {below 55 degrees} outside.
What are you sporting this fall to stay warm while still feeling lovely?  Have you fallen into the lumberjack trap?

Take the Dress Like a Girl challenge to Rock Fall and share your transformation at Melissa's! Did I mention that Melissa is giving away a $30 shop credit to A Soft Landing for those who link up?