Monday, October 3, 2011

Everyday Life: Breathe

For days and days, almost seven straight, the clouds and sun kept warring, battle after battle of the sun standing its ground only for the clouds to storm in, break open and drench the sidewalks and streets and soil with heavy, fat raindrops.


From behind the single-pane window of my living room all week, I'd been peering out the glass, waiting and waiting for the skies to clear out so I could take to the streets, letting stress and thoughts pound themselves into the pavement ... until I couldn't wait any longer for the rain to pass because was it really ever going to pass? I mean being October and all in Chicago --so I grabbed my umbrella and bundled myself up, warm and ready for cool October air against my skin.

Through the rays of lingering afternoon sun a last effort of rain burst through the clouds, a huge exhale of wind rushing the drops from overflowing lungs opening and letting out all of what was so heavy in the chest.

And so I took the hint .... big breath in ...  exhaled it all out, too.