Monday, October 17, 2011

Everyday Life: What My Relevant Roomies Should Know

In preparation for Relevant, dearest roomies Suzannah and Stacy {and anyone else I might ever spend considerable time with in person}, I thought now would be a good time for you to know that ...

1. I am a seeker of beauty in the everyday, and it seemingly directs my decisions and guides me ...

2. to randomly take pictures of sometimes the oddest things with my phone or camera or sneak away briefly to write it all out. Taking a picture of the hair dryer/toaster/your painted toe nails = normal and no cause for concern.

 3. Both talking and listening are components to a great conversation, but I almost always fall into listening if there is no opportunity to speak ...

4. unless there is lack of sleep and caffeine in power combination, then the giggling/silliness emerges and the words flow until heads hit the pillow.

Sometimes life demands mustaches on a stick, you know?
5. The morning after, however, pretty much will consist of me sleeping with my eyes open and feet moving until breakfast and tea have been safely procured and consumed. I  rarely speak before refueling.

No make, no hair style -- what I shall look like in the morning.
6. And by breakfast, I mean real nutritious food - not, like, a donut or pastry. Which also begs me to remind you: don't get me started on food integrity or whole food conversations unless you really, really, really want to go there.

7. While I'm mostly an enigma of shy clothed in abundant conversation and outspoken wrapped in carefully thought words, when provoked with subjects about which I am passionate, something compels me to speak the truth but to speak it in love

8. Because I care deeply {too deeply?} about the way other people feel and about the way I think I make them feel which is why

9.  I almost always opt for a hug rather than a handshake {unless I know you are anti-hug, so please! Warn a sistah!} However, I am not a night-time snuggler, so no worries for my bed mate; there will not be awkwardness in the morning after a subconscious, unprovoked cuddle session.

10. Going to the deep places of conversation, the hard places doesn't frighten me or make me shy away, rather it draws me out and draws me in, so if you want to go there, prepare adequately for little sleep but let's plan to ensure a permanent pot of coffee or cup of tea brews into the evening hours.

And one bonus tidbit: There is a soundtrack constantly playing in my mind; I randomly insert song lyrics into conversation and prefer music to permeate the space outside of my head as well.

Normal, every day me for easy recognition.
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