Friday, October 21, 2011

Five-Minute Friday: Beyond

What happens, then, if we are upstairs and a tornado rips through the walls of our house, he asks, four years old and curious with mountains of questions. 

We trust that God will protect us or take us to be with him forever, I say, resigning in my own mind that that's what we do while planning for a proverbial tragedy, while standing face to face with a giant. 

We are talking disaster on a sun-drenched, October-blue sky day for reasons about which I'm unsure. 

He sniffles from the backseat, light streaming in through the windshield, and I think he's going to cry about the prospect of dying.

But instead:

"I want to be with God now! I want to be in Heaven with Jesus now!"

My spirit soars at his devotion, his huge faith as my heart thumps and leaps into my throat at the thought of G going to his forever home, away from the space between my chest and my arm to space in between His at the age of four. 

You will get to spend forever with Jesus after you finish living your life here, I reassure him, 

as my thoughts wildly bounce from flesh to faith and faith to flesh

 -- hoping selfishly that I won't see the day 

where he goes ahead of me into the author's arms

and out of mine 

--- hoping that I, too, would one day have faith

the size of a mustard seed

the faith of my child

who is so very four 


so very beyond the very few years he's lived.