Monday, October 31, 2011

Five-Minute Friday: A few days late on Becoming

Outside, white fat flakes blanket the ground,
covering it with the heaviness of the
first footprints of winter.

Yesterday, sun, streaming through the
thickness of gray-drenched skies,
reminding that there is warmth
beyond what meets my eye.

And, I am,
being coated
in the heaviness of grace,
of hands, fingers stretched
across the blades of my shaking
of whispered words being
gifted to my ears.

The snow coats the streets,
and morphs from flake to slush,
making a mess of the roads.
There is mess in the becoming.

Written 10/28/11 during a five-minute prompt in the hands-on writing session at Relevant 11 while in an early-morning funk, which you can read about here

Disclosure: Our trip to Relevant is being generously sponsored by Chevy’s Driving the Midwest who has given us a tank of gas and a Traverse to get there. Our ride is also being fueled by Kawa Japanese and Asian CuisineDr. Reena Jacobs of The Healing GrovesCurves of Lake CountyBigger Picture Blogs and Little Lake County, each of whome have provided one tank of gas for the trip. All opinions expressed are our own.