Friday, October 7, 2011

Five-Minute Friday: Ordinary

The tightness that wound itself grippingly around my chest, like yarn being bound snuggly into a ball, has finally loosened.

I can breathe again, deeply, without labor or gasping; I can exhale.

There is a calm emerging in my heart, slowly stretching across my tensed body. In my unraveling and then raveling and then the even-and-perfect-tension hold of my heart strings and my body being knit back together by prayer and Promise, words and the Word, sister sojourners and rest and tears and laughter, I've a renewed appreciation of the ordinary, the everydayness of life has emerged.

the simplicity of two boys scooping soil with fingers, hands acting as shovels, beneath the brilliant sun of lingering Indian Summer 
the thumpthumpthumpthump of a heart rapidly beating as my feet pound the pavement in pursuit of a bicycling preschooler and running toddler 
the pre-dinner dance spent wrapped in my husband's arms beside simmering primavera sauce hovering over stove-top flames 
the glow of yellow and orange leaves rustling in the soft October breeze and the rebirth of daisies springing to life in the over-grown flower gardens outside our patio door

All the beauty that is overlooked when simply breathing and moving and healing takes precedence ... all the ordinary that is that I simply forget while simply trying to function is being gently weaved back into the well-tread spaces I walk my mind, my feet, my heart in the everyday.

{All of this --this is what being lovingly knit back together by ordinary moments and Extraordinary Love looks like.}