Friday, October 28, 2011

Five-Minute Friday: Relevant

Warmth seeps out in streaks

 through grey-drenched and stretched out Pennsylvania skies

 reminding that though I can’t see completely

through the thickness the sun is still there.

 There are no tugs on my legs from little arms and legs,

 no voices screeching for mommy, ricocheting through the hallways

I walk

but the swelling of my heart pumping in my chest

reminds me that those little fingers

yet grip-hold me from three states away.

Though I am among

wisdom and grace


surrounded by talent and well-deep love


I am reminded

through the locking of eyes

with tears slightly brimming

and softly spoken heart cries

uttered in quiet moments

and the slow nodding of heads

when words have failed to adequately express that


oh, yes,

there is more than what meets the eye

and comes spilling out in streaks

beneath grey-drenched and stretched Pennsylvania skies.

Disclosure: Our trip to Relevant is being generously sponsored by Chevy’s Driving the Midwest who has given us a tank of gas and a Traverse to get there. Our ride is also being fueled by Kawa Japanese and Asian Cuisine, Dr. Reena Jacobs of The Healing Groves, Curves of Lake CountyBigger Picture Blogs and Little Lake County, each of whom have provided one tank of gas for the trip. All opinions expressed are our own. 

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